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Another Big Bang of Science: Fireworks!

Is there a better way to explore science and chemistry than by dissecting the bangs, explosions and flashes of fireworks? Get ready for your Fourth of July celebration after you watch the video below from the Royal Institute at the University of Cambridge, England. Professor Chris Bishop walks you through hands-on demonstrations about the hows and whys of firework science.

Learn how an ancient Chinese recipe that included honey led to the development of gunpowder; discover how the loud bangs of fireworks have their beginnings in photography; and find out how an accident in a nineteenth-century kitchen sparked a new chemistry for modern firework making. You’ll get to see smoke and fire and even see things disappear. Be ready this year when your children ask “How did that do that?”

Watch this Science Matters Report: “How Fireworks Work” from WCVE Public Radio’s John Ogle.

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Article by: Debbie Mickle, Science Matters Project Manager