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Question Your World: Can Genetic Mutations Really Happen?

From radioactive bug bites to strange evolutionary adaptations, the concept of mutations has been a part of science fiction for a long time. Growing blue fur, healing super quickly, or flying are just a few examples of results of genetic mutations, but can these genetic mutations really happen? Listen to this Question Your World radio report produced by the Science Museum of Virginia to find out.

Geocaching in the Woods and the City

Think of geocaching as a high tech scavenger hunt that can be played virtually anywhere, anytime, with any number of people. It's a world wide phenomenon that involves satellite science to hide and search for containers that contain a log and other trinkets called hitch hikers. Jared Ress, an interpreter at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield County, says geocaching is being done all over the world.

Footprints on the James

Students all over central Virginia learn about the James River Watershed every year in their science and history classes. The James has played an integral part in Virginia’s human and natural history. But how often do students get to take an up close look at the systems that make up the biology of the river, or learn the history of transporting cargo on a batteau while crewing one down the river?


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