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Frozen Frogs: And You Thought You’ve Been Cold Lately

We have certainly had a lot of cold weather, ice and snow in Virginia lately. And I am sure you have been feeling the cold right through to your bones some nights. But, have you ever considered what happens to the Wood Frog who lives in the Northern United States and Canada?

Take a look at this video adapted from NOVA scienceNOW and learn how the common wood frog survives the cold winter. Wood frogs freeze solid in winter then thaw to mate in the spring. In order to survive the cold, they have a special adaptation that makes this freezing solid process possible without damaging their cells. Find out how sugar acts like a natural antifreeze in their bodies, allowing them to spend the winter frozen and then resume function in the spring. Then explore how scientists are recreating this extraordinary process of cryopreservation that they hope will enhance the preservation of organs for transplant in humans.

Video adapted from the NOVA scienceNOW program “Frozen Frogs.”

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