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Question Your World: Which American Has Been in Space the Longest?

There are many important names in the world of space exploration. Aldrin, Armstrong, and Gagarin are pillars in that world, but new achievements are being reached all the time. Now more than ever, women are getting a chance to break these records and doing some pretty remarkable things for space exploration. Which American has been in space the longest? Listen to this Question Your World radio report produced by the Science Museum of Virginiato find out.

High-Tech vs. Low-Tech Equipment in Vietnam

When Richmond native Bill Harrison was issued a new flight suit in Vietnam he didn't realize that the fire-retardant fiber in the clothing was made by the company that would become his future employer. “It felt strange, not like the nylon that other flight suits were made of,” said the tall, lanky sergeant who served in the central highlands of Vietnam near the Cambodian and Laotian borders. “I saw a label in it that said Nomex, but I didn’t know what that was.”

Question Your World: Why are Scientists Digging Up Old Ice?

Scientists can study the Earth’s current ongoings by observing how things are going right now. However, to study the past requires different approaches. Similar to tree rings or sediment layers, ice holds a lot of interesting information. Climate scientists that are attempting to better understand Earth’s climate history often find themselves looking for clues buried deep down. Why are scientists digging up old ice? Listen to this Question Your World radio report produced by the Science Museum of Virginia to find out.

Rapping and Learning About Our Solar System

Joe Beasley is a 5th-grade teacher at Goochland Elementary School who uses his musical talents to write fun, content-centered songs that kids love. Beasley teaches his students original song lyrics and pairs them with physical actions- also known as kinesthetic learning. This helps his students, of all ability levels, to actively - and energectically - engage in classroom learning that sticks with them.


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