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Jump to Protons: Hampton University's Proton Therapy Institute

Special Science Matters report from 88.9 WCVE correspondent, Charles Fishburne – Virginia has one of the nation’s 12 proton therapy centers for radiation treatment of tumors. The Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute is a 225 million dollar facility, built of 85 million pounds of concrete and 430 tons of steel. Inside is a 220 ton cyclotron reactor producing powerful, precision radiation that offers its greatest promise in pediatric cases, where growing tissue is more sensitive, and in some other instances like the brain or the eyes where surrounding tissues are critical.

Neither the University of Virginia, nor Virginia Commonwealth University has a proton reactor, saying to date the cost/benefit ratio has not been sufficiently proven for their needs. The Hampton facility is the largest, free-standing facility in the world. Since it opened in 2010, it has treated over 900 patients and averages about 50 per day.

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For more information, please visit hamptonproton.org.