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Making a Difference with 100 Trees

Ask Geordon Worley, a junior at Cosby High School, what he’s been thinking about lately and he will quickly tell you – treeslots of trees! As part of his Eagle Scout project, Geordon led members of Boy Scout Troop #2860 in the planting of 100 trees around Swift Creek Reservoir. 

Watch the video below to find out more about this important project.

Geordon Worley is concerned and passionate about the role trees play in the health of our environment. “Trees are being cut down all over the world and the number of trees is decreasing. We can try to change this by replanting trees in our local communities. When we plant trees we can improve our air and water quality, stop erosion, and beautify our walkways and communal areas.” Geordon has carefully researched all aspects of tree planting including the benefits, identifying the best native species to use, obtaining permits, and best practices for planting.

Geordon worked with Mark Wheeler, Scoutmaster of Troop #2860, to identify Swift Creek reservoir as a site where his tree planting project could take root. The Woodlake Community Association quickly embraced this opportunity to encourage a young man who is interested in both the environment and giving back to his community.

David Faulkner, a Natural Resource Specialist and Board Member of the Association, mentored Geordon and together they developed a plan to plant trees around the reservoir in an area that included a parking lot, a pumping station, soil erosion, a creek with sediment build up, and a nature walk.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help our environment by planting or adopting a tree check out these great resources:

Article by: Debbie Mickle, Science Matters Project Manager