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Butterflies LIVE! Fascinating, Beautiful and Hard Working Pollinators

Where can you be surrounded by hundreds of exotic butterflies this summer? Join teacher Kim Farren and her four and five year old Millwood School students as they experience Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s Butterflies LIVE! exhibit. Ms. Farren recently brought her students to Butterflies LIVE! to experience butterflies up close as a part of their study of insects.

 Watch the video to see what you will experience as butterflies take flight in Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s glass conservatory. Look all around you as they fly, feast and land. If you are lucky - one might even land on you!

“In May, we had a package delivered to our school of tiny caterpillars and we watched the stages of the butterfly for twenty one days. Every day my students would observe and talk about the butterfly,” Ms. Farren explained. Her children learned all about the four stages of the butterfly’s life cycle and even learned a song about the body parts. Ms. Farren also taught her students why butterflies are important to the environment – as pollinators. “It is important for our children to be a part of nature and to begin to care about nature at a young age.”

Grant Howell, Butterfly Technician for the exhibit (what a great job!), explains that “butterflies are one of the more charismatic organisms that do the hard work of pollination. We think it is important for children to learn more about how things work in nature.” Howell has also been impressed by how much children know about butterflies when they enter the exhibit. “There is a sense of wonderment with butterflies flying around in all shapes and colors. I have been surprised by the information children know  - their vocabulary and knowledge about life cycles and metamorphosis.”

Butterflies LIVE! is open through October 14th and is your opportunity to see over eighty different species of tropical butterflies from thousands of miles away. Included are butterflies from Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia and a variety of North American species. New butterflies are released into the exhibit every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. The best time to go is on sunny days and in the morning or early afternoon when you will see the most butterfly activity. Knowledgeable and engaging educators are in the exhibit to assist you in seeing new things, answering questions and doing demonstrations.

Go to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s website for a wide range of information on butterflies including:

  1. Butterfly Identification Sheets (PDF 1 and 2) for you to use in the exhibit.
  2. Want to encourage more butterflies in your own back yard? Check out "What Makes a Good Butterfly Habitat?"
  3. You can even test your Butterfly knowledge with a quiz.

And Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s Facebook page has many wonderful photos and videos of what is happening currently in the exhibit. Check it out!

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s Butterflies LIVE! is sponsored by Altria and the Turf and Gardening Store and supported by the Robins Foundation and the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust.