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The Sound of Swing

The Sound of Swing

The Sound of Swing with Steve Clark
Saturdays at noon.
The Sound of Swing is a weekly one-hour exploration of early jazz, blues and swing recordings from 1917-1947 hosted by veteran broadcaster, Steve Clark. The program often goes far afield to include the melodies and rhythms that influenced the composers, arrangers and performers of jazz when it was, for a short while, America’s popular music. Always erudite and sometimes funny, the show revels in the unexpected connections Clark’s research brings to the turntable. Whether it’s opera or old-time, it’s all fair game if it contributed to The Sound of Swing.

Starting A Swing Music Collection: It’s All About “Discovery”

I love physical media. I’m thinking of CDs particularly. Although CD liner notes are not always accurate, if they are fairly comprehensive, they do go a long way toward helping me research the music, the musicians and stories on The Sound of Swing and to put them in a broader context. There may be something that catches my attention in those details or in a song itself and I’ll head to my internet browser to get more details.