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World Pediatric Project Brings Children to Richmond for Life-Changing Surgery

The World Pediatric Project, based here in Richmond, sends teams of doctors to developing countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to provide critical care for kids who otherwise will go untreated. Susan Rickman is CEO of the World Pediatric Project. Rickman says most of the procedures take place overseas but many countries typically lack the resources to handle more complex surgeries, and the WPP will bring a child and parents to the United States.

Six children are in Richmond now. One is 7-year-old Juliana from the isle of St. Vincent. Juliana will be treated by three local surgeons who volunteer their time and expertise: Dr. Nadia Blanchet of HCA Virginia, Dr. Alan Burke of Virginia ENT, and Dr. Polly Purgason of Virginia Eye Institute.

The World Pediatric Project also wants to raise $7,000 for specialized hearing aids for Juliana before she goes home. Learn more on line at