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Williams Testifies He Denied McDonnell Children Two Cars

Jonnie Williams told federal prosecutors yesterday that he did not grant all of the former first families requests, having denied Maureen’s request for two cars for her children to avoid drawing unwanted attention.

Williams testified that Cailin McDonnell, Bob and Maureen’s middle daughter, called him one day to tell him about a car she’d found. She told him her mother said he would pay for it. Williams told Cailin her mother had been very helpful and asked to have Maureen call him. When she did he told the first lady he couldn’t purchase the car. He also turned down her request to sell one of his Range Rovers for her twin sons at a discount saying it was too visible.

Also on the witness stand yesterday Williams denied that he had a romantic relationship with Maureen McDonnell or that she had a “crush” on him as her defense lawyers have said.