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Williams Says Maureen McDonnell Requested Gifts

In sworn testimony late yesterday afternoon Jonnie Williams told federal prosecutors that Maureen McDonnell came to him for help and asked for a $50,000 loan and  $15,000 to pay for the catering at her daughter Cailin’s wedding. Williams said in 2011 the former first lady told him she and Governor McDonnell had discussed filing for bankruptcy because of excessive credit card debt and multiple rental properties purchased at the height of the housing bubble that were a drain on their finances. He said Maureen McDonnell told him that she had experience in selling nutraceuticals and could help his company if he could help her. She said her husband said it was ok but made no promises that he would assist Williams himself. But Williams said he did need the Governor’s help. He was trying to secure clinical trials by state universities of his drug Anatabloc. The supplement is made from anatabine extracted from tobacco and Williams claimed it cured his wife of a precancerous thyroid condition. Williams said it’s common practice for Virginia companies to use private planes to gain access to politicians, as he did when he spoke to McDonnell for three hours about the drug on a carefully arranged trip on his private jet from California back to Richmond.