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Virginia Supreme Court Hears Atlantic Pipeline Cases

The Virginia Supreme Court heard two cases yesterday (4/19), challenging a controversial state law that allows surveyors to enter private property without the owner’s consent.

The law has stirred strong opposition along the routes of two interstate pipeline projects in Virginia, Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipeline, including Friends of Nelson County. Spokesman Ernie Reed said, “This is just one piece of a very complex puzzle.”

Yesterday’s arguments involved an 83-year old widow in Augusta, and a property owner in Buckingham who contend the survey statute violates constitutional protections of private property and how homeowners should be informed. “I was struck by the fact the Commonwealth of Virginia chose to weigh in on the side of Dominion on this,” said the property owner. But he said opponents are organized and determined.

Dominion had no comment.

The justices are expected to rule in about 30 days.