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UVA’s Demographic Research Group Tracks Out-migration

For the first time since the Census Bureau has kept records, more people are moving out of Virginia than they are coming in.

The University of Virginia’s Demographic Research Group has compiled the figures from the Census Bureau. “Virginia grew by a little over 44,000, which is the smallest gain since the 1970’s,” said Hamilton Lombard, co-author of the report.

He says only the relatively high birthrate is keeping the population stable, as record numbers are moving out, particularly from Northern Virginia. “Virginia’s economy was growing faster than the rest of the country before sequestration, now it’s growing slower,” said Lombard.

Virginia is among three states most dependent upon federal dollars. Lombard said, “Northern Virginia didn’t have nearly as much out-migration before that happened and since then, you have seen a huge rise of people leaving Northern Virginia and going out of the state.”

He says many residents are moving to other metro areas like Charlotte, Houston or Los Angeles, where the economies are healthier.