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UVA Reports Success in Stem Cell Transplants Using Non-Controversial Procedure

Two patients with acute leukemia are responding well to the first stem cell transplants in Virginia. As Charles Fishburne reports, the procedures were performed at UVA using cells from the umbilical cord following a birth, a procedure that avoids the controversy surrounding embryonic stem cell research.


Massey Cancer Center, Not UVA Was First in the State in Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Transplants

Friday, we reported that UVA Medical Center had claimed to be first in the state to succeed in umbilical cord, stem cell transplants.  Subsequently, we have learned that is not the case.  A spokesman for VCU’s Massey Cancer Center has confirmed that it did the first such procedure in 2003 and has done 31 since.  UVA regrets the error.  And so do we.  The programs at both universities avoid the controversy surrounding embryonic stem cells and offer life-saving treatment for many blood-related diseases.