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Summer Food Program Feeds 54,000 Children A Day

Every year, half-a-million children at risk of not having enough food participate in the Virginia Department of Health’s Summer Food Program for Kids. The Department of Health estimates one out of every seven children in Virginia could go hungry.

Michael Welch is Regional Director for Community Nutrition. Kate Alie is the Summer Food Program Supervisor. Last year, the program was feeding about 54 thousand children every day during the summer months. The federal government funds the program, the Virginia Department of health administers it. The 1,500 sponsors run the gamut, from city facilities to churches, to schools. They provide the building, the food, and the staff.

Last year, it was a 12 million dollar operation. There are no income restrictions. The meals are free. Children and their parents who wish to find the nearest program and to participate can simply call 211 and ask or text “Food” to 877877.