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Stoney's New Plans to Include Baliles, Audits

Richmond’s next mayor is expected to reveal key players in his transitional leadership team after he meets with Mayor Dwight Jones. Mayor-elect Levar Stoney tells 88.9 WCVE his leadership line up will include opponent-turned-endorser 1st District City Councilman Jon Baliles.

“I’ll make further announcements tomorrow,” Stoney said Wednesday (11/09) night as he learned he had captured the necessary votes to avoid a runoff race. “Mr. Baliles will obviously extend his expertise to the team and I’m looking forward to having him.”

Stoney says he is also committed to implementing the agency audits and performance reviews he vowed while campaigning. He says his administration will implement ideas from some of Richmond City’s past audits while looking to increase efficiency by updating old policies.

“I said I inheret a city hall that some consider broken and unhealthy. It’s my job to fix it.”

The former Secretary of the Commonwealth, who invoked his late father and background often during the campaign, told reporters he was moved to learn he’ll be sworn in on the 5th anniversary of his father’s death.

“I think it’s probably apropos that that happen that day,” he said “My hope is that everything I grew up with - I talked about my story a lot - that I can be a voice for those children who are living in a similar environment or living with the same circumstances.”