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Some Want to Rename Park for Heather Heyer

As Charlottesville was cleaning up from the carnage of a weekend in which a young man associating with white nationalist allegedly killed a woman with a car, some in Charlottesville were brewing ideas about the park that drew white nationalists to town.

Buddy Hensley went to the park with a homemade sign renaming the space as “Heather Heyer Park.” “I just came in and decided people need to remember a life was lost.”

Nancy Carpenter was already there with her sign honoring the 32-year-old Heyer. “It should be someone who really epitomizes what you say your values are as a person and as a city.”

The park’s current name, Emancipation, isn’t universally popular, another reason Carpenter hopes for a change. “Why not? This space was filled with hate. Let’s fill it with something better,” says Carpenter.

Online petitions to memorialize Heyer here currently have several hundred signatures.