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Senior Aide Told McDonnell Not to Wear Rolex Gift in Public

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen are accused of accepting over $150,000 in gifts and loans from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, in exchange for helping advance his dietary supplement Anatabloc. Jasen Eige, McDonnell’s Chief Policy Advisor and Legal Counsel said to his knowledge, the former Governor wore a gift Rolex watch publicly only once, the day after returning from Christmas vacation in January of 2013. Eige also advised Maureen McDonnell not to serve on the board of Star Scientific in any paid capacity, not because of legal reasons but because of the “optics.”  There was also testimony that McDonnell arranged meetings with Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams and officials in the State Health Department. One of those was Molly Huffstetler. She testified Tuesday that she met with Williams once at the governor's request but made no guarantees of state assistance to his company.