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Senator Petersen Announces Bills Package For 2018 Session

Fairfax Senator Chap Petersen is announcing a package of bills he intends to carry in the 2018 session.

Two of the bills are measure that didn't make it to the Senate floor in 2017. One of the bills Senator Petersen intends to sponsor would reinstate the State Corporation Commission's ability to review power company earnings and issue refunds to consumers. That measure went down in committee 12 to 2 last session, but Petersen says, he'll try it again.

He's also looking to sponsor a bill that would bar public utility companies from making political donations. In a press conference Thursday morning, Petersen said that reform item would greatly impact politics in Richmond.

"I can tell you right now, you prohibit Dominion and utilities from making political donations, these laws are gonna change," said Petersen.

Last session, Senate colleagues asked Petersen to strike that bill after it emerged unanimously from the Privileges and Elections Committee. Petersen says so far, the measure has no co-patrons.