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School Repairs in Mecklenburg Top $2 Million

Mecklenburg County schools need money for pressing repairs and that could delay a new high school. There was a meeting early this month of the Mecklenburg’s Joint Education Committee, made up of supervisors and school board members. They talked about the cost of a new chiller for South Hill Elementary and boilers and bleachers for Bluestone High and Park View Middle. County Administrator Wayne Carter said the school facilities fund has just under $3 million available for repairs and upgrades. According to the Mecklenburg Sun, supervisors are leaning toward spending $2 million on the improvements, but that will use money that’s been set aside as the down payment on a new county wide high school. There are some other smaller requests at other schools. Supervisors were going to consider the matter later this month, but say they’ll hold off until a joint meeting of the education committee can be scheduled.