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Restoration of Civil War Ironclad Monitor Resumed

The Mariners Museum has resumed work to conserve and restore the USS Monitor’s turret and other large artifacts from the  Civil War ironclad, thanks to a new infusion of cash from its partner, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The Monitor survived a historic battle with the Merrimack in Hampton Roads but a storm off Cape Hatteras put her on the ocean bottom.  Ann Holloway at the Mariners Museum says the Monitor was under tow, but efforts to save her were futile. NOAA recovered key parts of the monitor off the coast of Hatteras and partnered with the Mariners Museum to preserve it and keep it safe. NOAA and the Museum have already spent $39 million in a massive restoration, that will take another 20 years. Restoration has resumed on the Monitor, and the Museum and NOAA are looking for an evenly balanced funding approach to raise the additional $17 million over the next 20 years. Meanwhile visitors can see restoration of the Civil War’s most famous naval vessel underway. For more information go to