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Republican Candidate for Attorney General Blasts Democratic Opponent

The Republican candidate for Virginia Attorney General is blasting his Democratic opponent over how money from a large, multi-state settlement was spent. John Adams has launched series entitled “What Mark Did with the Money.”

Working from a story first reported by the Associated Press earlier this year, candidate John Adams is highlighting how Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring moved money to give pay raises to people in his office. The AP reported back in January, the U.S. Justice Department advised Mark Herring on how to work around its own rule that keeps money from investigations from lining law enforcement pockets.

Candidate John Adams says even though a law wasn’t violated, the situation seems like one voters should consider when they go to the polls in November. “If anyone is going to follow, not just the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law, it should be the Attorney General,” said Adams in a Monday interview with 88.9 WCVE.

So far, Adam's campaign has drawn attention to four other states that also received settlement money - Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Washington State. According to Adams’ campaign, the states earmarked the funds for schools, and health and consumer protection services.