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Racial Justice Rally At Lee Monument in Richmond

Hundreds of people gathered in Richmond Saturday for a “Racial Justice” rally and march to oppose a Tennessee-based group, New Confederate Statues of America.

The demonstration was co-organized by the Richmond Peace Education Center. Standing in front of the Maggie Walker statue, Director Adria Scharf and other speakers emphasized the daily work needed to address racial disparities.

Adria Scharf, “We stand committed to building a just and equitable Richmond in which every child regardless of race or zip code has full access to hope, opportunity and safety. And we stand committed to building a region and a city that is truly free of white supremacy.”

Demonstrators from New York, North Carolina and Williamsburg, Virginia joined local residents at the peacefully rally.

Demonstrators, “In this day and age, I love to see all this solidarity. Everybody from different backgrounds, different walks of life, we’re all coming together.

Richmond Police said the day’s events were without injury or accident, though 7 people were arrested. The rally and march took place under heightened security following the violence in Charlottesville. Earlier Saturday, VCU canceled classes and the Main Street library announced it was closing. RPD also requested an interfaith forum cancel its “event because they could not guarantee safety. Organizers of "Building a Just Richmond” say they'll reschedule.