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Phone Records Provide Small Glimpse into McDonnells' Marriage

During sworn testimony yesterday, FBI investigator David Hulser produced a chart showing that Maureen McDonnell had substantially more conversations with her husband than  with Jonnie Williams between 2011 and 2013. A key part of the defense’s argument is that the McDonnells couldn’t have conspired because their marriage was in shambles and Maureen McDonnell had an “inappropriate” relationship with Williams to fill the void left by her workaholic husband. Mrs. McDonnell spoke to her husband by phone 130 times between April and the end of December of 2011 vs. 94 calls to Jonnie Williams. From January of 2012 to February of 2013, she spoke to her husband 178 times by phone vs. 73 calls with Williams.

Williams has testified that he liked both the McDonnells but would get annoyed with Maureen’s late evening texts and calls.

The phone records also show that Mrs. McDonnell spoke to the Governor less than a minute before she called her stock broker to sell her star scientific stock at the end of 2011. She repurchased it days later in 2012, avoiding state reporting requirements. 

Mrs. McDonnell also made brief phone calls to her husband during and after a meeting at the mansion with Williams, health department officials and a VCU doctor to discuss Anatabloc research.