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Petersburg Public Works Employees Could Reapply

Petersburg City Council will vote on a proposed 2018 fiscal year budget on June 6th. If the budget passes some 20 city workers could lose their jobs.

The budget, proposed by the Robert Bobb Group, calls for restructuring the present Department of Public Works. If the budget passes the city will put out a Request for Proposal and a private company will take over the department. Utilities will become a separate department.

City spokesman Clay Hamner said affected employees have been sent a letter notifying them of the possibility of layoffs. However, he said, they can reapply for another position with city government.

"They will be reviewing applications and matching them with funded vacant positions that they effected employees meet the minimum qualifications for."

They will, he said, be granted an interview but added, that does not guarantee they will get the job.

If the budget doesn’t pass city council will have to develop an alternative plan.