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Morrissey Threatens to Sue City Over Shockoe Stadium Plan

Democratic Delegate Joe Morrissey of Henrico is the second Richmond legislator this week to challenge the legality of Mayor Jones’ Shockoe Bottom redevelopment plan. Morrissey is joining Republican Delegate Manoli Loupassi of Richmond in asking House Appropriations Chairman Chris Jones to require that any state dollars for Shockoe development be contingent on all of the projects being open bid. He says if Jones does not include this stipulation in the budget amendments will likely be offered on the floor.

Morrissey warns that if Council does not approve an open bidding process for all of the Shockoe development projects, he and his law partner Paul Goldman, another outspoken critic of the ballpark, will sue the city. City Officials maintain that while all publicly funded portions of the Shockoe redevelopment plan will be open bid projects, they have no say over the privately funded portions.