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Moonshine Distillery Comes To Chase City

There are new plans for a distillery in Chase City with a recipe that dates to the prohibition era. Robert Bondurant is going into business, along with his brother Joe, and their daddy, Bobby. They’re going to make moonshine the same way the Bondurant brothers of Franklin County made it during Prohibition. Except now it’s legit. Every step of production will be done the old fashioned way right there on site, it’ll be almost like stepping back in time.

The Bondurant Brothers Distillery is now under construction Mecklenburg County, in the early industrial part of Chase City near the railroad, across the street from a fully intact roller mill. Bondurant discovered Chase City also has a 19th century reputation, not for good whiskey, but for its artesian well water.

It’s hoped the Bondurant Brothers Distillery will turn out to be not only a successful business, but something of an attraction for Chase City.