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McDonnell’s Direct Dealings with Williams

While much of the government’s case around the former first couple centers around Maureen McDonnell’s solicitation of gifts from Jonnie Williams, Governor McDonnell did have several documented instances of notable direct dealings with the former Star Scientific CEO.

Williams said he met with the Governor to discreetly loan the first family a second $50,000 loan to help their struggling beach rental business. Williams developed a plan to transfer stock by allowing McDonnell to purchase it at 10 percent of the cost. McDonnell texted Williams on several occasions to congratulate him on the stock’s performance.

McDonnell e-mailed Williams in May of 2012 to ask him for an additional $20,000 loan to assist with their rental property costs. Williams quickly agreed. In August of 2012 Williams took a trip to Cape Cod with the Governor and First Lady as well as Phil Cox the head of McDonnell’s PAC and one of the lead doctors who developed Anatabloc.

Williams covered the costs for private air travel, lodging, dining, golf games and sailing and a clambake at a beach resort followed by a $5,000 bottle of cognac, but later expensed all the charges with star Scientific.  He explained “I was working the entire weekend, to help get the governor more involved.”