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McDonnell Worried in 2011 That Marriage Might Be Over

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell told jurors Thursday in the corruption trial against him and his wife Maureen that he was heartbroken in 2011 that his marriage might be over. Defense attorneys for the former governor presented an e-mail he wrote to his wife over Labor Day weekend in 2011. McDonnell was forbidden to read it aloud by Judge James Spencer, but was permitted to summarize it for the jury. McDonnell said he felt “fiery anger and hate” from his wife and was “spiritually and emotionally exhausted from being yelled at.” The McDonnell’s are exposing their marriage difficulties in order to show strained communication, which weakens their chances of conviction on conspiracy charges. The Governor told jurors that he has been living apart from his wife, since a week before the trial, instead staying at his parish priest’s rectory. He said “I knew there was no way I could go home after a day in court and have to rehash the day’s events with my wife.”