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McDonnell Was Unaware of First $50,000 Loan From Williams

Bob McDonnell testified yesterday that he was unaware of the first $50,000 loan from Jonnie Williams to his wife. This directly challenges sworn testimony from Williams who said he spoke with the Governor about the loan and that he would not have made it otherwise.

Williams has been told he could go to prison if any of his testimony is found to be false.

The Governor told jurors he didn’t care for the Rolex watch his wife gave him from Williams, calling it heavy, clunky and gawdy. He preferred his 15-year-old Seiko. The former Governor said at the time he thought his wife had purchased the Rolex with her own money she had earned making $36,000 per year on a charitable board. McDonnell says a picture of himself wearing the watch did not get to Williams iPhone from him.

The former Governor did say he enjoyed driving Williams’ Ferrari, saying “It was fun. I was on vacation.” He says he normally drives an old Toyota with 180,000 miles on it.