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McDonnell to Highlight Marriage Troubles in Testimony

Bob McDonnell again takes the stand to answer questions from his defense attorney Henry Asbill about the state of his marriage during his term as governor and specifically their relationship with Jonnie Williams. Key to the couple’s defense is that they could not have conspired because their marriage had broken down and the two were barely speaking.

Defense Attorney John Brownlee said during opening statements that McDonnell will read an e-mail from his wife, in which he pleads with her to help him save their marriage. During his sworn testimony yesterday Bob McDonnell told jurors that he was running on adrenalin the morning after his 2009 election as governor but that he could tell his wife was not as happy as he was, and was worried about her impending role as first lady. He said she was yelling at him about something that morning, and fretting about what she would wear when he received a congratulatory call from President Obama.