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McAuliffe Signs Bill To Help Grow Wineries and Breweries

Continuing his quest to visit all the craft breweries in Virginia, Gov. Terry McAullife stopped by Steam Bell Beer Works today to sign a bill that would allow for growth in both wineries and breweries. 

With a pen in his hand and a beer at the ready, Gov. McAullife signed into law today HB2418, which will allow both wineries and breweries to get more banquet licenses per year.

The change McAuliffe says, from 4 licenses to 8 licenses, will allow more growth across the board, including with agriculture.

“What I love is that it’s done to help our farmers. Because they will buy every ingredient they can get their hands on. This craft beer business has really been something, it’s really taken them to the next level. Which is what I love. So everybody benefits," said McAuliffe.

As for who is against this type of bill?

McAuliffe says, “You know anytime you get someone more capacity, I think some people just like to, get their oars in the water on it. But you know, going from 4 to 8 licenses so we can have more banquet type things here, wedding-type receptions here, you know I think that’s important. It’s just great local income.”