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Maureen McDonnell Told Ann Romney Anatabloc Could Cure MS

In sworn testimony Monday, a senior political advisor to former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, said in 2012 McDonnell’s wife Maureen sought a meeting with Mitt Romney to discuss the benefits of Anatabloc, the dietary supplement now at the center of their corruption trial. Phil Cox, a long time advisor to McDonnell, said he dismissed the First Ladies’ idea because the scheduling would have been impossible. Though Cox said he was horrified when Mrs. McDonnell told Ann Romney, that Anatabloc could help cure her multiple sclerosis. Cox said it was improper and “didn’t show the Governor in a great light. At the time Bob McDonnell was being considered by Mitt Romney as a possible running mate. Testimony also concluded Monday from the Prosecution’s star witness, Jonnie Williams, the former CEO of Star Scientific, the manufacturer of Anatabloc. Bob and Maureen McDonnell are accused of accepting over $150,000 in gifts and loans in exchange for helping Williams advance his product.