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Maureen McDonnell had “Crush” on Jonnie Williams, Lawyers Say

Defense attorneys for Maureen McDonnell say the former first lady had a “crush” on Jonnie Williams, the man who gave her and her husband, former Governor Bob McDonnell, over $150,000 in loans and gifts. The McDonnell’s separate defense teams both say there was a rift between the former first couple that predated their introduction Williams and that their marriage had broken down, precluding them from committing a conspiracy. \

William Burck, Defense attorney for Mrs. McDonnell referred to Williams as her “favorite playmate.” John Brownlee, defense attorney for Bob McDonnell says Mrs. McDonnell was angry with her husband for spending so much time away, not having what she thought was enough money and valuing others more than their relationship. Brownlee said at one point the former first lady told her husband she hated him.