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Masters Degree in Data Science at UVa

The State Council of Higher Education has just approved a new Master of Science in Data Science program at the University of Virginia.

When you use your credit card, or visit a website or text on your smart phone - somebody, or something, knows about it, but that’s not always a bad thing. With super sensors and super computers, big business or big government can read and track license plates from space, spy on would-be terrorists, tell you where you where you spent your weekend, or what you bought at home depot yesterday. It could also decode the human genome in a week, something that took ten years before.

UVA’s New Masters program will require students to take a course in ethics, law and policy. The one-year program will enable students to tackle real world big data problems in a multidisciplinary program involving faculty from seven schools at the university. UVA’s Board of Visitors endorsed the degree program in February as one of the first activities of the University’s multidisciplinary Data Science Institute, which was established last September.