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Man Gets Two Life Sentences In Murder of Missing Girl

A Nelson County man convicted of abducting and murdering a county teenager has been sentenced to two life terms in prison. Forty-nine year old Randy Taylor was convicted of killing 17-year old Alexis Murphy in a rare murder trial in a case where the body was never found. The only words he spoke during his May trial were “not guilty,” and yesterday he said again, “I did not kill Alexis Murphy.”

But prosecutors argued there was ample evidence: a large pool of blood on the defendant’s shirt, surveillance video showing the two of them together at the Liberty gas station August 3rd, the last time she was seen alive, and evidence of her presence and a struggle inside the defendant’s trailer. And before the sentencing, Taylor’s attorney offered a deal - that he would provide information on her whereabouts, in return for a 20-year sentence. It was rejected.

Taylor later told the Lynchburg News and Advance his attorney offered a lackluster defense, and he planned to appeal.

Alexis Murphy’s family said the sentence does not mark the end of their strife and asked for prayers. The 17-year old disappeared August 3rd last summer. She would have been a Senior this year at Nelson County High School.