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Lancaster Supervisors Weighing Real Estate Tax Hike

There’ll be a public budget hearing next Thursday night. Lancaster County Supervisors are talking about an increase the real estate. The money would help fund capital improvement projects, schools, public safety, salaries and a 59% increase in employee insurance costs when the fiscal year begins on the first of next month.

The Kilmarnock Record reports that Administrator Frank Pleva cited rising prices and declining reserve funds in asking Supervisors to look into the cost of securing a bond to cover the proposed capital improvement budget rather than raising the tax rate from 50 to 55 cents per hundred assessed value. Each penny brings in about $253 thousand in revenue so a five cent hike will increase revenue by $1,265,000.

Commissioner of Revenue Sonny Thomas pointed out that the county is facing a million dollar deficit this year. No changes are proposed in other tax rates.