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Hurricane Irma Could Impact Carolinas and Virginia

Hurricane Irma is heading for Florida. Evacuations are underway as the strongest storm on record continues to pack winds topping 180 miles per hour. States of emergency are in place from Florida to North Carolina.

Jeff Orrock, Chief Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Wakefield, explained that once Irma blasts the heavily populated east coast of Florida, it will be back in the Atlantic. “We’re still waiting to see when Irma’s going to turn, how fast it’s going to turn, but, right now, all of the trends and our guidance continue to suggest that South Carolina and Georgia may take the brunt of a landfall.”

At that point, he said, Irma looks like it’s going to move inland.

“And, along our coast and Hampton Roads region I think we’re still going to see winds 40, 45, maybe some 50 mile per hour gusts possibly some time Monday and into early Tuesday because the storm is so strong and, at the same time, we have strong high pressure to the North so we get kinda caught in between these two weather systems.”