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House of Delegates Hopefuls Pledge to Back State Single-Payer

Fifteen of the 54 Democratic candidates running for Republican-held House of Delegates seats are pledging to create a state single-payer health care system if elected.

The group held a Monday afternoon (10/2) press conference, and said the immediate cost for implementing state single-payer would be about $23 billion dollars.

The group was led by candidate Lee Carter, who pointed to federal uncertainty as a reason for state action. “We the undersigned, understand that it is the responsibility of the General Assembly to protect the health and safety of all Virginians. As such, we pledge to fight for a single-payer healthcare system on the state level which can protect all people who call Virginia home regardless of what decision is made by the federal government.”

Carter is running against House Majority Whip Jackson Miller, whose district went to Clinton by 53 percent in last year’s presidential election.

In response, Republicans criticized the plan’s price tag and characterized it as highly partisan.