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Hanover's Proposed Budget Includes Raises, No New Taxes

Hanover County's proposed new budget is up $18 million over the current fiscal year, includes a two percent merit raise for county employees, but no new taxes.  County Administator Rhu Harris's $390.6 million budget is counting on a continued economic recovery, a rise in residential and commercial construction and increases in real estate assessments and personal property taxes.  Real estate is expected to go up 1.5 percent, personal property 8.3 percent.  County employees would get a two percent merit increase, the school budget would increase by $8.6 million with 18 new positions, and public safety would get an additonal $2.9 million and six new sheriff's deputies.  Harris says Hanover residents are returning to work, spending in retail stores and feeling more secure about their home values.  The county board has final say over his budget, which would take effect July 1st.  Charles Fishburne, WCVE News