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GOP's Gillespie to Focus Campaign on Tax Cut

Republican gubernatorial front-runner Ed Gillespie unveiled on Thursday (3/16) what he called the centerpiece of his campaign: a tax cut.

Not since Jim Gilmore, who got the Governor’s Mansion by vowing to kill the car tax, has a candidate unveiled such bold strokes: a 10% chop in the state income tax and elimination of local levies on business machines and revenue.

University of Mary Washington political scientist Stephen Farnsworth says, “Show me the money.”

On a conference call, Gillespie promised to put $1,300 back in a family’s pockets--and create 53,000 jobs. “I think these policies will get us growing again,” said Gillespie.

Professor Farnsworth says, “When you guarantee a tax cut based on future revenue growth, you’re assuming facts not in evidence, and that’s not necessarily the best way to run a state government.”

Fellow Republican Corey Stewart said he’d make budget cuts to eliminate taxes for many Virginians.