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Gillespie Unveils 5-Point Plan for Job Creation

Ahead of Saturday’s Republican nominating convention GOP Senate candidate Ed Gillespie unveiled a five-point plan yesterday that he says will unleash private sector investment and create jobs. Number one for Gillespie is to replace Obamacare with private market alternatives with more portability that he will flesh out in the near future.

Gillespie wants to unleash American energy by approving the Keystone XL Pipeline and lifting the moratorium off of offshore drilling. He pledges to fight for tax and regulatory relief lowering the business tax, eliminating loopholes and deductions and rolling back air quality standards he says are too stringent. Gillespie hopes to work to make it easier to establish new charter schools, offer curriculum that meets the needs of the workforce as well as giving parents school choice. Fifth and finally Gillespie wants to require congress to balance their budget.