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Fiscal 2017 Petersburg Budget Performed Well

As fiscal 2018 begins in Petersburg, officials say the city is clearly in better shape financially that it was a year ago.

For the first time in more than eight years, the Petersburg budget for 2017 was balanced at $68 million. According to Interim Deputy City Manager Nelsie Birch collections were $72 million.

"From a fiscal perspective, from a budget perspective and from a management of the FY 17 budget, which was a big transitional year for the city. We are really putting a new face on the city of Petersburg."

There’s reason, she said, to be hopeful that progress in the city, under the fiscal 18 budget will continue as a new management team takes over.

"It has to be managed, which is what we’ve been telling council as well as the public. You can set a budget, but if you don’t manage that effectively you will have significant issues, which is what we’ve had over the past few years here in Petersburg."