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DOE Says 86% of Virginia’s Public Schools Fully Accredited

The Virginia Department of Education announced this morning (9/13) that 86% of public schools in the Commonwealth are fully accredited this year, based on SOL performance. That’s a five per cent increase from last year.

The DOE’s Charles Pyle explained that revisions to the Standards of Accreditation, in place since the 90s, are in the final stage of approval for next year. “We’re moving to a system that’s more of a dashboard so you can look at multiple school quality indicators.”

Schools will be rated at Level 1 if they meet the state standards, 2 if they’re close, and 3 if they need help to get there. Test performance in English, Science, and Math will still be indicators.

“But in English and Math, we’ll be looking at growth as well as the percentage of students who are able to pass the test. Chronic absenteeism will be one of those indicators. Drop outs will be an indicator for high school in addition to the graduation factor. That’s been part of high school accreditation for several years,” said Pyle.