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Democrates Differ on Charter Schools

At the Tuesday night’s (5/9) Debate for the State, Democratic gubernatorial candidates revealed their thoughts on two previously untouched issues. One of them was charter schools

Former Congressman Tom Perriello rejects charter school expansion and favors public school investment. “We need to make sure that we’re getting people the support staff into the classrooms that we need, and we need to be reforming SOLs and SOQs to make sure that we can get the critical thinking skills and and the project-based learning skills that are part of the future,” said Perriello.

Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam isn’t opposed to future charter school expansion, but he says there is a need to address a state pay gap for teachers and to prioritize K through 12 learning. “When you talk about things like charter schools which on a regional basis may be an option, we’re not there yet - and I’ll tell you why. Because of the teachers that are still getting paid $7,500 less,” said Northam.

Both men have expressed support for expanding access to both Pre-K and community college workforce training programs.