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David Brat Begins Campaign in Midlothian

GOP Congressional nominee David Brat says he will run a campaign of economic prosperity for Virginians in his first public statement since the primary. He doesn’t have enough phones, he needs computers, but his shockingly unexpected journey to the November general elections moved ahead yesterday, a week after he beat Eric Cantor by 11 percentage points in the Republican primary.  Brat spoke briefly with reporters on his way to a Rotary Club breakfast in Midlothian, which was closed to the press. He did issue a prepared statement that said, “too many Virginians are suffering without jobs, suffering under the rising cost of Obamacare and the government’s attempts to spend our way into prosperity have proved to be a dismal failure over the last few years.” A news conference is scheduled tomorrow at his campaign headquarters, but he is not expected to answer questions.  Brat is just now getting his feet wet after suddenly being launched into the national spotlight in one of the biggest upsets in modern political history