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Congressman Brat Says Health Care Proposal Has Merit

On Monday, there’ll be a U.S. Senate committee hearing on the Graham-Cassidy healthcare proposal that Republicans would like to bring to a vote next week. 7th District Congressman Dave Brat says the plan has merit.

Congressman Brat said in general he’s all in favor of the move toward federalism and block grants to the states where politicians are more receptive to the people. It will depend on how much latitude they’re given. “If some states want to go with a more centralized government approach they could try that, see how it works and then others can exact some competition and try to bring the price down and then let the voters can make up their minds.”

The current “one size fits all,” he said, is exploding. “At least this is a move toward something that will bear some fruit with a range and variety of outcomes where people can see some evidence.”

Is it likely Democrats will vote for Graham-Cassidy? “No, I think this is past beyond a reconciliation. It’s just so partisan right now I doubt that any of them will come across the aisle on the vote.”