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Clergy Join Marshall in Call for Herring’s Impeachment

A group of African American religious leaders has joined Republican Delegate Bob Marshall of Prince William County in his call on the General Assembly to explore impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Mark Herring. The ministers say that at a candidate forum at Chicago Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond on October 21st of last year, Herring said he would uphold Virginia’s Constitution and not make undermining the marriage amendment a priority.

Rene Rice of the Virginia Christian Alliance says Herring has committed moral, ethical and spiritual violations and violated his oath of office. Marshall asserts that should the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately rule in favor of same sex marriage, that churches who do not choose to comply will lose their tax exempt status.

A spokesman for Herring told the Associated Press that the joint press conference was a desperate ploy.

Speaker of the House Bill Howell has said he will not submit Marshall’s bills to committee.