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Charlottesville Braces for Saturday Right Rally

Saturday's planned rally by white nationalists has Charlottesville citizens on edge.

Just a month after a KKK rally ended in tear gas and 23 arrests, the latest incursion worries downtown shopkeeper Joan Fenton.

"We've been targeted by an outside group as the perfect place to hold their rally, but it is not locals that are doing that, and that's not who we are," said Fenton.

Expectations of uncivil discourse on both sides trouble lifetime Charlottesvillian Lawrence Gaughan. He said, "It's almost like the five stages of dying or acceptance-- it's just been a long process."

Artist Miller Murray Susen says that talking about racial inequalities is a good thing.

"I feel like, ultimately, this is going to be positive, but in the short term it's very painful."

The rally beings tomorrow at noon.