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Cantor Declines To Speculate On Loss

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor declined to speculate on why he lost the primnary election June 10 and conceded that his views on immigration, “can make a lot of people mad.” On a national TV program, the ousted Republican Congressman told CNN, “I really don’t think that there is any one reason for the outcome of the election, there are just a lot of things that go through voters’ minds when they go through the voting booth.” He conceded his views on immigration angered some members of both parties. He described it as an incremental reform approach to help kids who, through no fault of their own, find themselves here. As to his future, he said he would not lobby Congress and has not made any decisions, but would not close out any options. He will resign as majority leader July 31st, but will serve out his term.  Cantor lost to Randolph Macon College professor David Brat in the Republican primary, in one of the biggest electoral upsets in U.S. history.